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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers to the following FAQ’s are generalized for the population-at-large and meant to help educate readers. Please be aware, however, that individualized therapy may dictate different approaches for specific patients that can differ from what is written here. That is why it must be emphasized that consulting with Dr. Altman, or any other expert in the areas of menopause, hormonal therapy or sexual dysfunction, is the only way to receive the appropriate individualized care that each and every patient deserves.

What do you mean by the rectangularization of life?

Answer: The present graph of health as we age, looks like a triangle. With age, our health gradually declines. (picture) The rectangularization of life presents this same graph except that when we stay healthier longer in our lives, well into the 90’s, the graph loses the shape of a triangle and looks far more like a rectangle. Thus our optimal health remains at a high level longer, demonstrated by the top of the rectangle, and then finally drops off relatively rapidly around the time of our pending demise, (picture) turning out to be a more natural and rapid death as opposed to gradual suffering over two or three decades. This means prevention of disease as opposed to waiting until the disease occurs and treating it. Of course, there is no magic in the practice of medicine. We cannot prevent all diseases. But as we learn more about each individual’s genetics, through their genome, their genetic blueprint, we will learn about the disease risks and life style changes that are important for that individual. This is the direction in which the medical profession is beginning to head, towards prevention rather than just treatment. But we are not going to make disease go away and we are still going to need to treat them, but for the majority of Americans, staying healthier longer is a very important and achievable goal.

What medications or supplements can I take to help with this rectangularization of life?

Answer: The answer is different for each individual person, and is part of the consultation that Dr Altman has with his patients on a regular basis. Natural hormonal therapy, the use of the appropriate supplements, diet and exercise are especially important. Proper investigation of each person’s present state of health also helps determine their individual roadmap for continuing optimal health.

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