Clinicians Only

Dr. Altman work closely with the referring clinicians

Dr Altman is a well known teacher and educator, not only of patients, but also of medical students, resident staff and, most importantly, clinicians around the country. He is presently developing a program in Aspen, Colorado, formulated to be a clinical tutorial, where doctors or nurse practitioners can make appointments to come to Aspen, spend two to three days with Dr. Altman, discussing cases and therapeutic planning in the morning sessions, and enjoying Aspen in the afternoons. The goals of this tutorial will be to further the clinician’s education and experience with: the use of appropriate hormonal therapy; which patients would benefit from hormonal therapy; how long patients can or should remain on hormonal therapy; how to guide the asymptomatic post menopausal woman; issues of female sexual function and dysfunction including desire, arousal, orgasm and sexual pain; counseling issues for sexual problems; and existing, mostly off-label, therapeutic options, including hormonal and non-hormonal therapies. Clinicians will need to contact Dr. Altman to find available time to come to Aspen. There will be a cost for this tutorial to be determined later, based on the number of days the clinician spends with him.

Clinicians, both nurse practitioners and doctors, should be aware that Dr. Altman does phone consultations for patients, regardless of their location around the country, to help educate them so they are better able to make decisions about the use of appropriate hormone therapy peri and postmenopausally and/or counsel them on issues of sexual function and dysfunction. This allows the clinician to have his or her patients learn about these important facts and issues without spending the immense amount of office time this would otherwise necessitate. Dr. Altman can work closely with the referring clinician who will be writing the scripts for the patients and, over time, diminish the need for the phone consultations, as the clinician becomes more familiar with the science and the art of diagnosis, decision making and prescribing.

Dr. Altman also offers a tutorial in speaking in front of professional audiences. Learn to give better presentations.